An ideal pocket watch makes you look distinguished..

f you are thinking about offering a pocket watch as a gift for a loved person, you should know that these products are selling much better this year for several reasons: all the great Swiss manufacturers have released new models available, and young people began to be interested in an accessory associated with the past. But why would someone buy a pocket watch? The first explanation would be tradition and aura of distinction that is provided to the wearer. For women, it is possible to associate them with luxury jewelry – that is a catching watch with a throat chain. The fact that are less practical than wristwatches is no longer an obstacle, in a world where a lot of people got used to take out their mobile phone from the pocket to see what time it is.

Traditionally, the pocket watches are worn mostly by men, on sight, or in a pocket – but as said before, women can wear it too. For centuries, gold and silver pocket watches were rather meant to emphasize the wearer’s social status, than to measure time. Today any pocket watch has many modern models that are automatic, based on quartz, being more precise than mechanical ones. A good choice for making a wonderful gift is the well known Classical Mechanical Copper Pocket Watch which is designed with a sculptural pattern and has a unique square silvertone case. Not to mention the price which is more than affordable.

In general, a pocket watch is small, flat and circular, in order to be easily held in hand. Initially, the models were oval or square. Precious metals are generally used in mechanisms in order to reduce friction and use. Most pocket watches are turned with a key or a special button. On newer models, based on quartz, this operation became unnecessary and useless. In terms of design, there are several main types: watches without cover – “open-face” ,  “Hunter” watches, and the one with a lid that lets you see the dial – called “Half Hunter”.

Remember that pocket watches are certainly not for everyone, but if you want to make a unique outstanding presentFree Reprint Articles, one of these object will look great on a collection or in a pocket. Having one of these pieces of art tells a lot about the person and also defines it – and no other accesory is able to do it at this level.