Colorful and elegant wedding dresses

Brides have no limited choice when it comes to choosing their favorite wedding dresses and the breathtaking change in the world of fashion has resulted with introduction of elegant and trendy wedding gowns, as an alternate to the traditional and conventional wedding gowns.

Generally, white or ivory are the two major colors preferred by the brides in the traditional wedding dresses, where the rule has been broken and now every bride wants to look colorful, cheerful, elegant and beautiful on her day of wedding. Brides prefer wearing the wedding gowns in vibrant and vivid colors matching the season / climate and theme of wedding. For instance, green, yellow, orange, etc are the colors preferred for the weddings planned in the fall season.

However, there are few brides and their fellow members’ strictly requires the bride to wear traditional church or formal wedding dresses on her wedding, where the brides can choose the luxurious and elegant ball gowns in white or ivory or cream color. Ball gowns provide a formal, grandeur, elegant and fashionable statement.

Column wedding dresses are highly unique and trendy. If the brides want to wear something unique and appealing on her wedding, they can just go for column wedding gowns. The shape of gown is characterized by straight gown with tapering waistline that offer more shape and curved physique to the bride. It can also be adjusted to make it tight in and around the bust area, which make this style suitable for brides of all sizes.

Lace wedding dresses are the perfect bridal dress that suits with all brides of varied sizes and height. It is characterized by rich and intricate art work and patch work with stunning look. Lace looks best on the brides and offers a rich and luxuriant appearance. Moreover, it hides the physical flaws and bulges of the body.

Vintage wedding dresses are still not cheesy or thrown out of fashion. It is worn by many brides who plan for theme based wedding or who are too traditional. Vintage wedding gowns provide a unique and elegant look to the brides.

Mini wedding dresses are the recent hit in the trendy wedding fashion, which is preferred by majority of the modern brides. The length of the mini gowns vary from tea length, knee length or above knee wedding gowns. It makes ideal for beach wedding or outdoor wedding.

Other trendy wedding dresses include mermaid wedding gowns, purple wedding gowns, red wedding gowns, black bridal gowns, princess wedding gownsPsychology Articles, etc.