Choosing the right perfume for men

Men like women are getting more concerned about how they look and smell nowadays. In fact, most men use either a cologne or perfume because they get conscious when they smell bad around other people. And you have to admit that a woman loves a man who smells nice.

Men should choose their perfumes on a variety of factors. They have to consider the occasion they would be using the perfume for, the time of day, the season, their status in society and their personality. Mild and light fragrances are liked more by the elite. Soft natured men would also go for these scents. Stronger scents are liked by those having strong personalities.

Most young men prefer scents that are trendy, youthful and refreshing. Sporty scents also appeal to the younger age group. These scents are very light which is good for day to day use and are perfect for the summer and spring season. The citrus, green and water scents fall into this category. Examples would be CK One, Clinique Happy for Men, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport and Davidoffs Cool Water.

Spicy scents are fiery (peppery), floral and fruity. They exude the image of style and confidence, giving an air of being sophisticated and classy at the same time hip. These scents are perfect for winter and autumn. Examples would be Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole Black and Paco Rabanne for Men.

Musk scents remind us of cedar and pine fragrances. They give a sexy, strong, robust scent perfect for a man who frequents the outdoors. This scent suits those with a down to earth personality. The musk scent has been a classic scent and is also perfect for evenings radiating refinery. Examples include Emporio Armani, Dior Fahrenheit and Gucci for Men.

As we know of most men, they arent too picky and would most likely choose whatever suits them right then and there. But I would advise them that when it comes to selecting a perfume we have to be patient. We just dont go inside the store and purchase right then and there. It would be important to have tested the perfume on yourself to see if it suits you and if it reacts accordingly with your skin type. Perfumes dont come as cheap and we wouldnt want to be wasting our money on a bottle of perfume that we may end up not using.

If you have selected the fragrance for you make it your signature scent. Women will be reminded of you whenever they smell this fragrance.