Trends in furniture

Remember when everyone was buying contemporary furniture or early American furniture? Or French provincial? These days there really isnt a furniture trend. Instead, its all about buying the furniture YOU like that most suitably fits your lifestyle.

Todays trend about furniture color is a simple one. If you like it, buy it. If you dont, dont buy it. The color scheme for furniture encompasses all tastes. You can find the softest pastels, the brightest blues, the most vibrant reds, and any other color you like in just about all kinds of furniture.

So, how do you make your home feel trendy in a day and age where there is no trend? It is simple: be yourself. If you have a brown leather sofa that youve had for a while but its still in good shape, buy a new orange corduroy recliner to throw into the mix. The color will give your old furniture a breath of fresh air.

Maybe you can dress up your current furniture with some trendy throw pillows. Make your furniture look extra special by purchasing (or making, if you happen to be creative with a needle and thread) throw pillows accented with beads, ribbon, or appliqus to fit the theme of your room.

Do you have a room full of shabby chic furniture that you bought a few years ago but now you feel like it is outdated? Give it an update. Give it a light sanding and repaint with a brighter color or a darker one, depending on the rest of the dcor in your room.

Another way to make your room seem trendy is to leave your furniture alone all together. Instead of trying to create a trendy room based on your furniture, choose to paint your room. What color is your room now? If the walls are white or beige, any color will be a welcome change. If you have had vivid walls for a while, maybe now is the time to go neutral. Any change will make your room and its furniture feel fresh and trendy!

If you dont want to update your room by painting or if you live in a rental that prohibits painting — make your furniture seem trendier by hanging new pictures and putting new accessories on your old tables. If youre tired of the country feel your furniture and room provokes, take down the country inspired art and replace it with something modern that uses the same colors already part of your furniture. Add a big colored glass vase to a table and drop a bouquet of silk flowers in it. Or, if that has been your look, replace it with a bud vase and a single, long stemmed poppy, rose or daisy. Sometimes you can make your furniture look new just by what you place near it!

Decide what look you like and create it. Dont worry about whats in. As long as it fits in your lifestyle and budget, these days it is considered in.