Three shops where you can buy trendy furniture in Tokyo

Changing just one piece of furniture can be enough to change the mood of your home. In Tokyo, you can find interior design shops with a variety of concepts. Here you will find a selection of 5 shops where you can buy trendy furniture:


“WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY” is a furniture shop whose concept is to “continue to make lovely furniture with single boards of wood.” Their furniture, made using 5 types of high quality wood (cherry, maple, walnut, oak, and Japanese ash), offers everlasting simple designs that one does not get tired of, and which only become better with time. They are not only beautiful, but also highly functional, and go very well with other kinds of furniture, so you can combine them according to your own taste. Since the company is in charge of the whole process, from design and manufacturing to sales, they offer relatively accessible prices for this type of furniture. Their dining tables cost around 140,000 JPY, and their chairs cost around 50,000 JPY. In addition, they not only offer standard sizes, but you can also have your furniture customized. In the stores, which combine the warmth of wood with a sophisticated atmosphere, customers can touch the pieces of furniture and consult with the designers. Make sure you come and discover your favorite!

2. Rigna

“Rigna” is an interior design shop that covers all aspects of home decoration by offering sophisticated designer furniture and interior decoration objects carefully selected from all over the world, locally made furniture, European furniture, furniture created by famous designers, lamps, rugs, plants, and decorative objects. In Japan, its online shop is very famous too. “Rigna Terrace Tokyo,” the store in Kayabacho, combines a plant shop, a café, and a gallery in a vast space where you can take your time to walk around while having a look at the decorative objects and furniture. They offer a wide selection of houseware, vintage furniture, high end furniture, and designer’s furniture. Prices vary, and they go from decorative objects at about 1,000 JPY, to dining tables costing around 100,000 JPY. You will surely find something that you like here, as their lineup includes over 700 articles from about 100 brands brought together from all over the world.

3. mYwaY, Happy Design Market

“mYwaY, Happy Design Market” is an interior shop that brings attractive items from all over the world to Japan before anybody else does. They offer a wide array of stylish and unique items by creators from overseas that are not very well known in Japan yet, and most of their fans are men. Here you can buy a variety of items, from furniture to customized curtains, decorative objects, and even clothes. Their items, different and innovative, are fun just to look at, and many of them would make perfect gifts. Prices range from 1,500 JPY for a key holder to 40,000 JPY for a chair. In addition, their partially customizable tables are popular too. If you like interior design, this is a shop that you should definitely pay a visit to. We recommend it for dates too.